Boo A Bug!

Scare bugs away—BOO!

It’s easy. Make your own insect repellent without chemicals.

Fill a spray bottle with a cup of water and add a small bottle of eucalyptus oil. If you have an indoor/outdoor animal which has brought in fleas, spray your feet and lower legs with this mix and they won’t bite. It is not as effective to actually rub the oil on your feet and legs. Who knows why, but both ways were extensively tested and the spray works perfectly to repel fleas. Reply if you use it for mosquitoes and it works. It’s not mosquito season now and so that wasn’t tested.

Coming soon, an inexpensive, easy, all-natural repellent for mice and roaches. Extensively tested with video cameras to see if mice and roaches return. It works!

Scare unwanted visitors away! BOO!

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