About Rev. Mathews

I love a cup of hot tea and time alone with God.

Perhaps the best part of my freshman year of college was that my humanities professor required that every student keep a journal. I loved it. Since then, I’ve kept a prayer journal every year.

I also keep one to record miracles as they happen in my life. I encourage you to do the same—read my column about “The Great Big Fish Tale,” (click here) and you’ll know why!

No, I don’t use a lovely antique typewriter. I actually write on everything, everywhere. Seriously. I have countless notebooks, but somehow there’s never one at hand when inspiration strikes. So I write on receipts, church bulletins, napkins, deposit slips—anything. Or I click the record app on my phone.

It seems like I’ve lived everywhere—I was in school forever, which was a lot of moving around (B.A., M.Div, J.D.). But I was born in the South and to the South I returned. I love the lush greenness, the slow pace, the utterly genteel way of life. And, of course, the exquisite Emerald Coast!

I’m a seminary graduate and an ordained Baptist theologian. My faith column has appeared in newspapers nationwide including USA Today, repeatedly. Tell me the last time you read Scripture in USA Today. It’s always exciting!

Those columns will also be available here as well as collections of them in the books “Reaching to God.” Any volume in the series makes a thoughtful gift.

R.A. Mathews

“Emerald Coast” is a fast-paced, suspenseful whodunit which extends over seven volumes. It’s long, but if you hate when a book ends, if you miss the characters you’ve come to love, then you’ll have a treat in “Emerald Coast.” And each volume ends with a daring cliffhanger.

The first volume, “Emerald Coast: To Kill an Actress,” sold in bookstores and on Amazon for $14.99 until I decided to make it free here. After that, a used volume sold for over $150. Whoa!

“Emerald Coast” is now free! Unfolding here, week after week!

Come along as the saga begins: Emerald Coast!

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