They invade your kitchen: How to repel roaches easily!

She fell in love with a 100 year old house. It had problems, but she only saw the beautiful hardwood floors, the charming transoms above each door, and the coffered ceilings. She didn’t open one drawer. She didn’t want to know anything more.

Until she did.

The drawers, as it turned out, were filled with roach dung. She hired someone to deal with it, cleaning the drawers right away.

“I knew I was home free,” she said.

As soon as she turned on the water, the nightmare began.

“The size of my thumb!” she said. “All of them. I had every great-grandaddy roach in town!”

To the internet she went. Kindhearted, she didn’t want to kill them.

“I just wanted them to go away.”

First, she loaded a spray gun and showered them with dishwashing liquid.

“That was so gross. I had to deal with them one by one and it didn’t work.”

Well-meaning friends had surefire remedies. “I made convections of boric acid and peanut butter. No, it didn’t work. Then boric acid and sugar. Nothing.”

She gave in, hit Walmart, and bought everything they had. Nothing worked.

“I remember screaming at one during the night. ‘Get out of my house!’ I yelled. Over and over again. I had a complete meltdown!”

A man recommended diatomaceous earth, saying that all the roaches had to do was walk through it. She sprinkled it everywhere. The roaches laughed, dancing around all the dustings.

“I wanted to sell my house. They were so big and disgusting. They would walk across the ceiling over my bed. It was just a matter of time until one landed on me!”

After more research, she learned that roaches can only live a week without water.

“Aha! I thought with renewed vigor.”

“Every night I dried my sinks and covered the drains. By day three, the roaches started coming out in the morning in search of water.” She shook her head. “It was gross, dealing with those big creatures.”

But it worked. She put the diatomaceous earth in the dry sinks and the roaches turned up dead everywhere. By the end of the week it was over.

“A whole group climbed into one cup in a cabinet and died, like it was a graveyard. It was super weird. The thought of using that cup—no.”

But then it rained for days and they returned.

“Plenty of water outside to drink. My old house must have had some nice-sized holes. I did talk to my realtor, asking what the house would bring. He said something about economic downturn with a frown and discouraged me.”

But she found the solution.

“Peppermint oil,” she said. “It had worked for another problem a friend had. I took water bottle caps and filled them with peppermint oil. I slid them under the microwave, in drawers, behind cabinets, on the counter, under the sink.” took photos. Months later, checking the drawers, each one that had been filled with roach dung was virtually clean.

No roaches

“I haven’t seen one. Not one. Not since I started using the oil. Not for months. It’s unbelievable. The best part is that there are no more graveyards. I’m not killing them, they just don’t want to live here. “

“You can see one tiny piece, almost like a reconnaissance roach was sent out.and returned with a thumbs down.” She laughed. “It looks like that. The same in every drawer. They must be organized and smarter than we think.”

But what about life beyond the drawers.

“I haven’t seen one. Not anywhere. They’re gone. It’s truly unbelievable!”

You buy peppermint oil at Walmart, Amazon, and many drugstores. Let us know how it works!

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