Winning the lost is a win for the nation

His father went to prison.

At age 13, Clinton has now found himself also locked up, following in his father’s footsteps. Big and tough, Clinton shows no emotion. I’ve been his lawyer for about a year.

“Do you believe in Jesus,” I asked him one day.

“Yes,” he said. “I have since I was young.”

I bought him a Bible and encouraged him to stand for Christ. After months of hard work, I was able to get Clinton transferred from lock-up into a better facility for delinquents. Days later, Clinton was already in trouble and sent back. Of course, I was angry.

I prayed, listened to God, and regrouped.

Clinton,” I said, “how do you feel about yourself?”

He answered quickly. “I hate myself.”

With his family situation, Clinton has been told he’s no good for a long time.

“I hate the things I do,” he continued.

“In other countries,” I said, “they have princes based on very little. But you’re a true prince, Clinton. You believe in Jesus, and that makes you a royal prince in the kingdom of God.”

His breath trembled, and I thought he might cry. Light began to pour into Clinton’s dark soul.

Churches now secure their doors during worship. We lock our homes, cars, and businesses. Many keep a gun close at hand to defend from home invasion.

Children are grabbed while playing in their front yards. Women can’t safely get to their cars at Walmart. Walking or jogging can yield an abduction day or night. Students and employees aren’t safe in their facilities.

It’s because of those like Clinton.

A man recently tried to shame me. “Lawyers aren’t any good.”

“You’re wrong,” I said. “I represent delinquents, the mentally ill, and protected persons, sharing Jesus with all of them.”

I’m dedicated to fighting for constitutional rights for Christians and I love serving as a mediator. I believe what Jesus said, “Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court.” Matthew 5:25

The Apostle Paul, a tentmaker, was all about the Lord, but he made a living with his side vocation. So do I.

Eventually, everyone calmed down about Clinton and he was transferred to a better facility. Within a week, Clinton was in trouble again.

“That’s not who you are!” I said to him, completely frustrated. “Be the kid who stands for Jesus, Clinton. I know you can!”

I believe that.

If Clinton keeps his eyes on our Lord, he will turn around. Jesus can turn this nation around, too. Every dark soul must be shown the Light of Christ, must feel in their hearts that stealing and harming others is repugnant behavior.

That can happen.

Build a relationship with someone who needs help. Offer Christ in both word and deed. Look for an opportunity. If you aren’t sharing Jesus with someone living in darkness, pray for God to lead you.

Winning the lost for Jesus—winning those like Clinton—is a win for this nation.

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